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Abegael Umbal Cetro • I am prosperous and down-to-earth. I know how to look back. Kung baga may utang na loob sa pinanggalingan. I don’t sing my own praises.
• I am strong-minded, and once I’m attached to something or to somebody, I go on with it. Kung baga I am very dedicated. Sabi nila hindi lahat ng bagay makukuha mo. But for me it’s the contrary. Well, if you really want something you’ll do anything to have it. Particularly, wanting something for somebody’s life.
• I am jealous and possessive. What’s mine is mine. I like owning things and sometimes people. Sad to say but I am often times petty. I really am. However, think of the people I love as mine, it adds to my sense of security.